new city of sacramento police chief – kathy lester

SWAC welcomes the newly hired City of Sacramento Police Chief, Kathy Lester, a 27-year veteran, and the agency’s 46th and first woman to lead the Sacramento Police Department. Women make up roughly 12% of sworn law enforcement positions nationwide, and only 3% of executive level positions, according to the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE). Chief Lester’s hire is significant as it comes on the heels of the retirement of Chief Daniel Hahn, Sacramento’s first Black Police Chief. We applaud Chief Hahn for his commitment to service in law enforcement and community for over 34 years.

Chief Lester began working for the Police Department in 1994 as a dispatcher. She became a community service officer in 1995 and was sworn-in as an officer in 1996. She’s worked as a patrol and traffic officer, along with jobs in recruiting, internal affairs, criminal intelligence and as an executive lieutenant in the North Patrol Command. She leads with a commitment to diversity, equity, accountability and innovation. Her rise to Chief of Police is a powerful message to girls and young women throughout our city. SWAC looks forward to the vision and mission of Chief Lester and is committed to working in partnership with her to ensure continued progress, collaboration, accountability, transparency and diversity that is inclusive of all communities with a focused lens on women and girls, LGBTQ and communities of color.

mayor anne rudin tribute

SWAC is honored to pay tribute to an amazing woman, leader, community and civil rights activist,
nurse and the first elected female Mayor of Sacramento. Mayor Anne Rudin earned the respect and admiration
of all those that knew and worked with her. Anne blazed a trail for many women business and
community leaders while being an inspiration for young girls & women throughout our community.
She was a tireless champion who left an indelible mark on Sacramento.
~ Nolice Edwards, SWAC Chair

Mayor Anne Rudin was an intelligent and dedicated leader not only for the City of Sacramento but the entire region. She did not hesitate to speak “her truth” and was driven by a commitment to public service that at times meant not yielding to popular sentiment. One of Mayor Rudin’s many accomplishments was her advocacy and support for Sacramento’s light rail system. In 1985 I arrived in Sacramento as the Assistant GM of SacRT and was impressed to meet Anne, the first elected woman Mayor of Sacramento, leading a City Council where four of eight council members were women. During her tenure, Anne and I worked closely on developing business support for both the first countywide sales tax and development fee for funding public transit and air quality improvements. Mayor Anne Rudin was a master at “getting things done” by finding common ground and cultivating mutual respect and collaboration. ~ Wendy J. Hoyt, SWAC

Mayor Anne Rudin was the first Mayor in Sacramento to understand the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and take action to make our lives better. She wasn’t afraid to openly deal with LGBTQ+ issues and was a strong supporter of the CARES Center and efforts to support people with AIDS. Gary Miller, an LGBT leader and former schoolboard member, worked with Mayor Rudin to pass a domestic partnership ordinance for city workers. Sacramento was one of the first cities to provide equal benefits to LGBTQ+ couples and their families. Mayor Rudin was an Ally who blazed an important trail for LGBTQ+ people and she will be eternally loved by all of us. ~ Rosanna Herber, SWAC, SMUD Board Member

 Click here to see Sacramento Mayor Anne Rudin’s political career in pictures (Sacramento Bee)

exciting new position with the city of sacramento – childcare development project manager

The Sacramento Women and Girls Advancement Coalition (SWAC) along with other childcare partners were instrumental in our advocacy to ensure this position and funding was included in the City’s budget as a key priority. We now need your help with outreach and recruitment to get a qualified and diverse applicant pool for this position. Please share this information far and wide via your communication networks.


The City of Sacramento is excited to *re-announce a new position within the Office of Innovation and Economic Development to help address one of the greatest needs facing working families today – accessible early learning and quality childcare. The Childcare Development Project Manager will articulate, implement, and lead the City’s comprehensive efforts to increase the supply of affordable quality child care and to build a well-trained and compensated childcare workforce.

Comprehensive early learning and quality childcare helps communities prosper because it promotes economic growth, racial and economic equity, and child wellbeing. Yet the need for accessible early learning and quality childcare exceeds the ability of any one institution to solve alone and the challenges are multilayered. The Childcare Development Project Manager will work with planners, developers, officials in government and education, business leaders, parents and community members to address the needs of modern working families particularly on activities and interventions related to removing workforce barriers and access to quality childcare.

The selected candidate will fill an integral role and join a dedicated team working to advance our vision and approach to citywide inclusive economic and community development.

The posting closes on 4/24/2021. Please do not wait to share this opportunity broadly!

*This position was highlighted as a position of priority for Council in the FY 20 Budget. The City was in the process of recruiting for the position when the pandemic hit and a hiring freeze was instituted.  While the momentary hiring freeze paused recruitment, the position and childcare availability remain a Council priority and an essential component to workforce development and economic recovery.

Apply to Boards and Commissions meeting

Have you ever wanted to be on a City of Sacramento Board or Commission? Now is a great time to apply. Many City Boards and Commission terms will end at the end of the year, so there will be a lot of vacancies soon.

The Sacramento Women and Girls Advancement Coalition is holding an application workshop in the next couple of weeks. Join us and we’ll get you started on your application, answer questions, and walk you through the process. It is an easy application and we’ll do it together.

Please join us to take your first step to becoming a Sacramento City Board or Commission member.

December 4, 2020 at 7 p.m. 
Meeting ID: 732 3753 6060
Passcode: Commission

Please forward this invitation to anyone who you think would be a good commissioner. RSVP to and a list of handy links will be forwarded to you.

thank you for attending our women power the vote! event

Our October 5th Women Power the Vote! event co-sponsored by SWAC & LWV had a great turnout with 60 participants. It was a highly successful, vibrant event with thoughtful questions and feedback. Please watch and share this 3-minute clip from our event. Additional resource: #NoWayMeasureA Website. We urge you to Vote NO on Measure A!

community action alert – august 3, 2020

SWAC continues to OPPOSE the Mayoral Accountability & Community Act of 2020
The proposed charter change was heard before the City Council last week – community voices were in solidarity voicing strong opposition to the proposal. The measure is scheduled for a vote by the City Council on 8/4/20 – Item #1 on the agenda.

Call (916) 808-7213 and Dial 1 to make a comment
Submit public comments electronically via eCommentCall or email your individual council member and voice your opposition – contact information for each member can be found on the City’s official website. 

View SWAC’s letters here: follow-up letteroriginal letter

City Council candidates’ forum

On January 8, 2020, SWAC held the City’s first ever Candidates’ Forum on women’s issues with Sacramento City Council Candidates.

Candidates running in Sacramento City Council Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 discussed how they can lift up the lives of women and girls in the City of Sacramento, and answered questions from a packed room of over 115 attendees. The SWAC Candidates’ Forum was covered by local TV news stations including KCRA 3.

Hot topics included pay equity, preventing sexual harassment, supply and affordability of childcare, representation of women on boards and commissions, and ensuring equal participation of girls and young women in city parks and recreation programs.

Event Flyer